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What You Can Do With Our Laser

Discover the unique advantages of our Cervello™ Medical Lasers technology, expertly designed to enhance clinical efficiency and reduce operational costs. Join us for a firsthand demonstration of how our cutting-edge solutions can transform your practice.

Multi-Wavelength System

The Cervello laser utilizes a blend of three different wavelengths (755nm, 808nm, and 1064nm), making it versatile and effective for various skin and hair types.

Innovative Cooling Technology

The system includes a Double Cooling Technology (DCT) that ensures a nearly painless treatment experience while effectively heating the dermis to remove hair follicles.

Efficiency in Treatment

It offers maximum hair clearance in fewer sessions by using multiple wavelengths in a single session to target hair follicles in various growth phases.

Portable Design

The Cervello system is designed to be portable and user-friendly, suitable for busy medical professionals and small treatment spaces, with no consumables or extensive maintenance required.

Most Advanced Cosmetic Laser

Under its body with the unmistakable Made in Italy design – an innovative technology that finally manages to bring together the most powerful laser emitting diode consistent with the innovative double cooling system with copper and gold macrochannels.

Enhanced with Ergonomic Design

Experience unparalleled flexibility with the Cervello™ Free Use Setting. This advanced feature offers medical professionals complete control over laser settings, allowing for tailored treatments to meet individual client needs. Enhanced with ergonomic design, this mode ensures comfort and ease of use, making the customization process both efficient and user-friendly. With the Free Use Setting, you’re empowered to provide personalized care, optimized for each unique case.


Ideal for reducing hair in the underarm area, ensuring comfort and smoothness.

Bikini/Brazilian area

Perfectly suited for precise hair removal in sensitive bikini or Brazilian areas.

Full or half-arm

Efficiently targets hair growth on both full and half-arm lengths.

Upper lip

Gently and effectively removes unwanted hair from the upper lip region.


Safely targets and reduces hair growth on the cheeks for a smoother appearance.


Precisely removes chin hair, enhancing facial aesthetics.

Full or half face

Adaptable for comprehensive facial hair removal.

For Professional Use Made in Italy 

Ideal for Compact Treatment Areas

Facing challenges with limited space in your medical facility? The Cervello™ portable laser hair removal device is your solution. Its sleek, compact design seamlessly fits into smaller spaces, ensuring no compromise on functionality or efficiency. Tailored to optimize your service capability within limited areas, the Cervello™ portable laser proves that superior hair removal treatments can be delivered even in the most space-constrained environments.


Cost-Effective Operation

Embrace the efficiency of the Cervello, a groundbreaking laser hair removal system designed for economical operation. Eliminate the need for pricey maintenance and consumable replacements. With Cervello Laser, experience the benefits of lasting hair removal solutions without the burden of continual costs.

This device stands apart in the market, negating the need for frequent cartridge replacements, a common expense in other laser systems. Enjoy the simplicity and cost savings with Cervello™’s maintenance-free design.

The Portable Revolution in Laser Hair Removal

Streamlined Efficiency for Medical Professionals

Explore the convenience of the Cervello™, an ultra-portable laser hair removal device tailored for the dynamic needs of busy medical professionals. Designed to streamline patient treatment, this innovative device ensures time efficiency, allowing for swift transitions between appointments. With Cervello™, enhance your practice’s operational flow, offering quick and effective hair removal treatments without any downtime, keeping your daily schedule smooth and uninterrupted.

Explore the Advanced Functions of Cervello™ Laser

Dive into the detailed functionalities of the Cervello™ Laser system with our interactive accordion section. Each segment unfolds to reveal in-depth insights into the unique features and cutting-edge technology of our laser, offering a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities, precision, and versatility in hair removal treatments.

Laser Specification

Here, you’ll find comprehensive information about its cutting-edge technology, from the powerful multi-wavelength system to its ergonomic design, ensuring you have all the data needed to understand the superior capabilities of this state-of-the-art laser hair removal device.

  • Light Source: Diode (Pulsed & Continuous Wave)
  • Wavelengths: 755, 808, 1064 nm
  • Energy Density: 1-60 J/cm2
  • Pulse Frequency: 1-10 Hz
  • Pulse Duration: 10 – 300 ms
  • Power Consumption: 1400 watts
  • Class: II BF (IEC 60601-1), Laser Class 4
  • Weight: 18 Kg
  • Dimensions: 500 mm x 480 mm x 330 mm
  • Display: 10.4″ LCD Touch Screen
  • Handpiece: 808nm
  • Laser Type: Diode
  • Wavelength: 808 nm
  • Spot Size: 10mm x 10mm
  • Power: 800 W
  • DNRO: 3,09m
  • Beam Divergence: 53 degrees
  • Cooling Mode: Sapphire Contact Cooling
  • Laser Type: Diode
  • Wavelengths: 755 nm, 808nm, 1064 nm
  • Spot Size: 10 mm x 10 mm
  • Power: 800 W
  • DNRO: 3,09m
  • Beam Divergence: 53 degrees
  • Cooling Mode: Sapphire Contact Cooling
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Equipped with MPRS coating for efficient laser light emission
  • LAN access for immediate technical support
  • Single handpiece solution with three stackable wavelengths
  • Revolutionary cooling system (MCC Macro-Channel Cooler)
  • Maintenance-free with no consumables or constant coolant refill
  • Intuitive touch screen interface
  • Quick and effective results with varied pulse frequency

Enhanced Partnership Benefits

Partnering with Cervello offers a range of additional benefits designed to enhance your experience and support your business needs

Comprehensive Warranty Coverage

Enjoy the assurance of Cervello’s extensive warranty conditions. Our commitment ensures your equipment is safeguarded with continuous, reliable coverage, offering excellent value for your investment.

Expert Training and Support

Capitalize on our expert training programs and exceptional customer support. These resources are designed to optimize your use of Cervello equipment, enhancing both efficiency and client satisfaction.

Targeted Marketing Assistance

Benefit from Cervello’s tailored marketing support, strategically designed to boost your business’s market presence and attract a broader client base.

Flexible Pricing Structure

Discover the advantage of Cervello’s adaptable pricing. We’re committed to providing cost-effective solutions that align with your business’s unique financial needs.

Accessible Financing and Leasing Options

Explore our versatile financing and leasing opportunities. These options are crafted to ease the acquisition of Cervello’s cutting-edge technology, enabling your business to grow without immediate financial pressure.

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